Cover group participated in the 2016 Trophies, organized during the Equip’Baie fair.
Automatic calculation of the U values of verandas and curtain walls.
Define the product in a few words:
With the three-dimensional design tool “Cover”, it is now possible to calculate the thermal performance of the veranda envelope (Us in W/m²K) or curtain wall (Ucw in W/m²K) at the click of a button. The results can be obtained in around 20 minutes. A detailed report is then generated to describe each part of the calculation. Method based on European standards: EN 673, EN 6946, EN ISO 10211, EN ISO 10077-2 and EN ISO 12631.
What are the main features and performance specifications of the product:
The program is a PLUGIN that integrates into the “Cover” three-dimensional veranda and wall design software.
Whatever the nature of the project, the software will use the geometries of different sections of profiles and joints, their lengths and thermal features (conductivity), the compositions of the fillings and dividers, and their surfaces, to automatically determine the values of Ug, Up and psi.
This information is to be completed earlier in the process by the profile suppliers (line creators), and providers of panels and glazing (glaziers).
The software calculates the Ug/Up values of fillings on the fly thanks to their previously known composition, the homogeneity of glasses, their slope and their gas (calculation EN 673 certified, Appendix B).
The psi values are calculated on the fly by a SOLVER, two-dimensional finite elements (certified EN ISO 10211 Appendix A and EN ISO 10077-2 March 2013 Appendix D).
The calculation of the heat transfer coefficient Us (Usunroom) is based on the “single evaluation method” described in standard NF EN ISO 12631. It consists of weighting the values for Ug/Up and their areas, the psi values and their lengths, in relation to the total surface area of the envelope.
The program uses the same method to calculate the Ucw value (Ucurtainwall), the thermal transmission coefficient of the curtain walls.
The result is obtained in less than 30 minutes and is accessible to all joiners with the software. Thanks to its “automatic calculation” feature, no special knowledge of thermodynamics is necessary.
As a result, any veranda will now be accompanied by a calculation note, approving its thermal performance and thus validating the regulatory limitation U < 2.5 W/m²K ! What makes the product innovative? Innovation at 3 levels for the installer/manufacturer of the veranda: ACCESSIBILITY: Any joiner who has the software can easily calculate the thermal performance of the veranda that it models. You can then vary the entire geometry of the project, the type of prefabrications and the type of fillings, and then compare the results. You can also emphasize the quality of the product through a U value that is lower than the competition, and thus justify a higher rate. The technical data is entered beforehand by providers: joint fabricators don't need to be thermal experts to make a successful sale! SPEED: An engineering firm or a manufacturer takes between 30 and 40 hours to prepare a calculation of a veranda’s U value (combining CAD tools and two-dimensional thermal tools). The 'Cover' software gets the same result in about 20 minutes, from the moment the project is entered in 3D format to be fabricated. This means more time and more money! REGULATORY: Any veranda installed in France must be able to respect the recently adopted regulatory limitation of U < 2.5 W/m²K Only a tool like this, which carefully respects each standard (for the U of glazing, for the psi of the prefabrications, and for the overall U), is able to provide this value at a lower cost and in record time.